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There are many factors affecting your oral health including eating and lifestyle habits. Some things can make dental health worse, and some things make it better. Noticing brown spots on your teeth is actually pretty common today. In most cases, they can be avoided, or easily eliminated by your San Jose dental team. Brown spots can vary in shades and colors which range from yellow-brown to more of a black-brown. For some people, these brown spots may be patchy, for others, they may form in lines.

What causes brown stains on your teeth?

There may be one or more reasons why brown spots appear on the teeth. Here are the top reasons.

Brown Spots Caused by Decay

Brown spots can be a sign of tooth decay which is often caused by snacking on too many sugary or starchy foods. Sodas and other beverages that contain a lot of sugar can cause decay also by contributing to the buildup of plaque over time. Plaque sticks to the surface of your teeth and if it’s not removed by brushing, it starts to destroy the enamel which turns brown. When the enamel becomes worn, it can expose dentin underneath which appear as brown spots.


Once the plaque builds up on the surface of teeth it can harden. After it has hardened it turns into tartar, which is a brown color. Tartar is often more noticeable where the gums and teeth meet. Regular brushing isn’t enough to remove it at this point.

Brown Stains and Fluorosis

Fluoride is good for your teeth but taking in too much can lead to fluorosis. If a case becomes severe, brown pits can be seen on the teeth. When there is too much fluoride in the body, especially in kids with teeth still forming in their gum, the tooth enamel can become discolored. The teeth may appear to be damaged but for most people, fluorosis is just a cosmetic concern. Unless the teeth have decay due to other causes, they are healthy.

Celiac Disease 

Sometimes people who have Celiac Disease can have yellow or brown spots appear on their teeth. It in no way indicates a lack of good oral hygiene, the enamel just didn’t develop properly. However, the effects are permanent and cosmetic dentistry can be of help. For instance, same-day veneers can be used to cover the teeth with brown stains.

Treatment Options for Brown Stains on the Teeth

There are various treatment options for brown stains on teeth. Firstly, continue brushing and flossing as part of your daily oral hygiene regimen as this can help keep plaque from building up and contributing to brown stains. You may ask a professional at our dental office near Saratoga Woodsabout a take-home whitening kit. One of the best ways to whiten your teeth and get rid of brown stains is first to have them professionally cleaned. For your health and safety, at our office near Saratoga Woods, Saratoga Dentistry we recommend having teeth whitened only after a recent cleaning and professional exam by a dentist,  Whitening teeth after cleaning is the safest way to care for your teeth. If there is decay, the teeth will likely need to be filled to prevent it from spreading. If the stains are not damaging to otherwise healthy teeth, veneers are a viable option. Veneers are porcelain restorations that fit over your teeth and help you keep your beautiful smile by covering up non-damaging brown stains.

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If you notice you have brown or yellow stains on your teeth, please schedule an exam with a dental professional at our dental office near Bucknall. We can examine your teeth and discuss a treatment option that is right for you.

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