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Smile Gallery

Over the years many patients have entrusted us with the care of their smile, and we are proud to share the results with you here in our Saratoga Dentistry Smile Gallery.

These are actual patient results so you can have the confidence that you will feel and look great after receiving cosmetic treatment. We will always recommend the treatment option that is the best aesthetically and clinically and we offer financing options to fit your budget.

Button Veneer Before ImageButton Veneer After Image
Tooth Whitening Before ImageTooth Whitening Final Image
Patient5 Front Tooth Crn Match BeforePatient5 Front Tooth Crn Match After
Patient8 Veneer Before ImagePatient8 Veneer After Image
Patient12 Veneer Before ImagePatient12 Veneer After Image
Front Tooth Match Before ImageFront Tooth Match After Image
Patient3 Implant Before ImagePatient3 Implant Final
Patient6 Veneer Before ImagePatient6 Veneer After Image
Patient10 Veneer Before ImagePatient10 Veneer After Image
Patient13 Veneer After ImagePatient13 Veneer Before Image
Patient15 Veneer Before ImagePatient15 Veneer After Image
Patient1 Diastemaclosure Before ImagePatient1 Diastemaclosure Final Image
Virginia Norton Before ImageVirginia Norton After Image
Patient7 Veneer Before ImagePatient7 Veneer After Image
Patient11 Veneer Before ImagePatient11 Veneer After Image
Veneer Procedure Before ImageVeneer Procedure After Image

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