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Sealants & Fluoride

Can we prevent tooth decay?

There are some important, but simple, things a dentist can do early on for your child and young adult to help prevent future costly and painful dental problems. The great thing is, not only are they considered an affordable dental treatment, they actually help prevent decay and other dental issues, which can lead to more expensive treatment down the road.

Dental Sealants for Children

Having tooth decay at an early age leads to fillings and possibly even the loss of permanent teeth. Several factors can contribute to the development of childhood cavities, also called dental caries.  These factors include a diet high in sugar, the presence of certain bacteria in the mouth, and a lack of a regular routine with home oral care.

The great news is that here at Saratoga Dentistry, Dr. Araldi can help your child or teen, and even young adults, avoid tooth decay by placing dental sealants, which cover grooves in the back teeth that can be difficult to get, and keep, clean.

Sealants are a simple and affordable way to prevent cavities by blocking entry of food debris from getting into the cracks and crevices of certain teeth, such as the molars, where they can feed the bacteria that causes tooth breakdown, decay and infection.

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Children’s Fluoride Treatment

Fluoride varnish treatment can also help to slow the process of tooth decay, as well as prevent its future spread. When used early and often in combination with good hygiene, it can help your child avoid cavities altogether. It’s important to model a healthy diet for your child, and make sure they brush at least twice daily with fluoride toothpaste, floss their teeth daily, and attend each biannual preventive care appointment.

Our Saratoga Dentisry team right here in Saratoga, serving patients in Saratoga Woods, Brookview, Quito Village and West San Jose, will always spend time helping educate your child on the importance of good oral hygiene, and offer them tips for staying on track in a friendly, supportive and non-judgmental way.

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