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Having a family dentist in Saratoga, CA means the entire family can have their oral health care needs addressed. A family dentist has the training, expertise, and experience to care for the different age groups represented in families. They know how to care for baby teeth and permanent teeth in all the different stages.

What services are provided by a family dentist?

Family dentistry is similar to general dentistry. The practice deals with oral hygiene and health services for people of all ages. Some of the most common services a family dentist in Saratoga, CA provides for all family members include:

  •  Regular dental exams and cleanings
  •  Fluoride therapy
  •  Identifying and treating cavities
  •  Sealants
  •  Teeth Straightening
  •  Periodontics or gum disease treatment

Top 5 Benefits of Using a Family Dentist

One Dentist Treats the Whole Family

Since Dr. Araldi is a family dentist, he can care for patients of all ages and treat different types of dental conditions. Family members, parents, and caregivers don’t have to travel to multiple clinics to have routine check-ups for family members. Dental hygiene is addressed with each individual, and their cosmetic needs can also be addressed if patients want veneers, implants, clear aligners or invisible braces.

The Convenience of Scheduling Appointments

Care management is easier for family members since they all go to one dental clinic for dental care. Making appointments for multiple family members is easier to fit into a busy lifestyle when they all see the same dentist at the same location.

Comprehensive Oral Care

Family dental practices provide advice for all age groups on how to prevent tooth decay and other serious issues. Dr. Araldi covers all the oral health needs of the family from cosmetic needs to dentures. Family dentists can address and treat issues like tooth decay, gum disease, fluoride treatment, overcrowding, and misalignment. Other treatment options include crowns, bridges, emergency dentistry, and dental bonding. Preventive dentistry is essential for every individual and each family member can have a healthy smile.

Preserving Dental Histories

When a child ages out at a clinic that specializes in child dentistry only, they have to see a different dentist. The new dentist is tasked with becoming familiar with their entire dental history. Since a family dentist treats patients of all ages, there’s no need to transfer dental histories once a child becomes an adult. The dentist can make better-informed decisions about oral health care since they have provided continuous care.

Dental Care Changes with Each Individual’s Needs

As the body ages, oral care needs change as well. For most children, the biggest threat is tooth decay which is treated with sealants or fillings. But as you age, tooth decay may become less of a threat with good oral care. However, gum disease becomes more of a concern and the risks of developing periodontal disease increase with age. Family dentists like Dr. Araldi can keep track of oral health over the years. He changes oral health strategies as the needs for each family member change as they grow and age.

Contact your Family Dentist in Saratoga, CA

There is peace of mind from knowing how a family dentist can benefit each family member. Making an appointment is the first step to providing early identification of problems, prevention, and overall oral care for the entire household. Are you ready to take advantage of the many benefits family dentistry provides? Call us today to schedule your family member’s next dental appointment. 

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